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A few simple steps to teach you how to use Acitv Stylus in Microsoft Surface family

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BETOP Active Stylus

Battery installation

BETOP Active Stylus
Kindly remmind

unbox and use directly,1 AAAA battery pre-installed.

The paper tab in the battery compartment is a guide for changing battery,not a protector from drainage.

When changing the battery, keep the tab as a battery wrap.

If you want to remove the paper tab,,please cut it off with scissors instead of pulling it with force, otherwise this will probably loose the spring.

Usage method

Surface pen

Common problems and

  • Q1 does the pen need recharging?

    A1 requires no charge, and uses AAAA alkaline batteries for customers for 18 months. (typically, the work scene takes about 2 hours a day) and when the battery runs out, replace it with new batteries.

  • Q2 how to close the pen's power when you don't use a pen?

    The A2 does not need to turn off the power supply because it enters the sleep mode without using a pen, when the power consumption is very low and can be approximated as shutdown. is no operation from hibernation to wakeup, and the time of waking is very short and difficult to perceive. This is a design without any use of burden.

  • Does the Q3 need to remove the paper from the battery compartment for normal use?

    A3 this piece of paper is a simple description of the battery installation, there is no separ ation of the role of the battery. No need to worry about the paper. When you use it, let the paper wrap the battery and let the spring contact the battery electrode. Remove it if necessary Paper, please use scissors to cut, rather than force to tear off, this may cause the contact spring to fall off.

  • Q4, can I use this on my HP Spetre X360 computer?

    A4, check the list of compatible models. If it's Spetre X360 in 2017, it's compatible. The previous X360 model is not compatible with this pen.

  • Q5 this pen has magnetic adsorption function. Can it be fixed on the edge of surface pro?

    A5 can not, without this feature.

  • Does the Q6 pen have an eraser function?

    A6 has a button on the side is the eraser function, but no tail of the pen eraser function simulation.

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